Flaunt your new pair of mismatched heels in Carrie Bradshaw style

We may call it weird, but it’s trending right now. Fashion today recognises the odd one first while the ordinary stays back, what comes as another surprise here is the ‘mismatched footwear trend’  and let us tell you ‘once again’! Well, here's a throwback to the late 90s when Carrie Bradshaw, the main character in TV series, Sex and the City played by Sarah Jessica Parker, pulled mismatched stilettos, one in metallic pink colour and another one in blue. Ah! We loved you Carrie.

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Though back in those days this trend raised the eyebrows of many fashion critics this time it was seen raising the style bars of street style moments during SS 2020. It's no secret that Sarah Jessica just loves mismatching her footwears and after 17 years here she gives her approval by pairing pink and golden strappy heels wearing a fuchsia pink exaggerated dress.

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In for breaking your regular fashion code? Let’s breeze through these mismatched footwear moments pulled off by these street style stars.

Lime and white 

Treat your footwear collection with a dose of Lime knife pointy mule paired with white. Pulled with a neon orange velvet coat, this lime, and white mismatched footwear, add a chic touch to the entire look. Just when we thought that the lime trend couldn't get in any better, this trend proved that the fashion statements are unpredictable and boundless yet again! 

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Bottega Veneta black and white 

Talk about Bottega's creativity and the first thing that hits us is the innovation of square toes and how wonderfully it's being accepted. But if you thought that there's no space left to modify the square toes look, you might be mistaken. Have a look at this street style star in black and white cushion woven square toes enjoying the monochromatic vibe.

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Dissimilar design

The excitement does not end with mismatched footwear because what tags along are dissimilar designs too. This unique take on the footwear game with one wedge heel and another one in the pin-like stiletto heel in snake prints actually convinced us to try this trend. Now we know why this eccentric shoe trend is popping on the fashion streets.

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White and red boots 

Before you pick up your winter boots this year, here's a tip travelling all the way from the street style stars. It's a pair of ankle boots but with opposite hues. This pair of subtle white boot with the noticeable red boot is breaking the internet and why not, playing with hues is a gutsy fashion move and you must try that!

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Matching mismatched pumps

Matching your footwear with the colour combination of your outfit is a smart move and this street fashionista did the same but in a way that came out to be the new style inspiration for all the fashion nerds. The ginger toned leather skirt with white puffed sleeve top turned out to be a hit when paired with the 'matching mismatched' pointy pumps. This way of pairing different shoes is the best way to escape the matchy-matchy tradition!

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We understand not everyone can pull it off easily but no harm in experimenting even if this is the first such experiment that you are about to do.

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