Look Super Cool with These Key Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends


This Spring Summer 2020 season goes beyond bright colour and florals, these six key trends will make sure you are always ahead of your style game!

It is that time of the year again where flowers bloom, there's ample sunshine and the weather calls for an outdoor barbeque party at the backyard. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming Spring Summer 2020 season, which calls for fresh new styles that add a zing of cool to your wardrobe. And while most fashion trends are cyclical and sometimes pretty predictable, this year has been different. Bright colours have been replaced by nude tones and beige, drapes are coming back in fashion, bra tops have had a steady place in the style circuit and holographic sweatpants don't have to be thrown away until you go on a 70s-inspired disco party. We are talking about the six key spring summer 2020 trends that are not only wearable but also can be easily layered with other outfits. So without further ado, here's bringing you the freshest spring summer 2020 fashion trends that will get you all excited for the coming season.

Holographic Sweatpants

Before you gawk at this one, let us just tell you that Holographic sweatpants are a top trend in the international runways. No, this is not necessarily a cosplay outfit, neither do these demand to be restricted to your disco wardrobe. The Spring Summer 2020 runways had the best ones on display and we think these would transition easily from day to night.

Photo Credit: Zara


It was Proenza Schouler that rocked the runways with her artfully done drapes that hugged the curves at the right places. These were meant to add definition to the body and also add a bit of a glam factor to your overall looks. We saw a lot of skirts, dresses even gowns where drapes dominated the runways. It is about time you incorporate them in your spring summer wardrobe too!

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

Bra Tops

From bra tops to cute front-tie crop tops, these cutesy numbers have gone beyond the beaches and have swiftly entered the spring-summer style scene. What's more, they are versatile enough to be worn with skirts and jeans alike. And if you are feeling a bit awkward wearing them, then a trusty blazer or a cape can be of much help. Trust us, this new trend in tops is the ultimate summer must-have.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Organza Tops

The international runways gave organza a new lease of life when this delicate fabric was incorporated in everything from tops to dresses. The most recurrent trend has been that of organza tops- the billowy mysticism that it brings along with added ease. We mean, if this doesn't define summer, we don't know what else will!

Photo Credit: Zara

Polka Dots

We have said this before and are saying it again, polka dots are beyond children wear. Whether you wear it as a dress or a trendy top, they are surely a summer must-have. Great for when you like prints and want to experiment a bit without going too over-the-top. We especially loved the Michael Kors Resort 2020 collection, which was an ode to polka dots, feminine dresses and everything in between.

Photo Credit: Fashionista

Beige Accents

And you thought beige is restricted to Fall? Give your bright coloured outfits a miss and wear head-to-toe beige instead. Not only is it a summer-friendly hue, but it also adds to a certain amount of sophistication to your overall look. Plus, you can easily dress up and dress down depending on the occasion.

Photo Credit: Michael Kors

Are you ready for Spring Summer 2020 already, cause we sure are!

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