Four big haircut trends of the year

You don’t need a breakup, a new job or a decade-changing birthday to get a new haircut starkly different from your usual ones. Only the thrill of looking in the mirror post a brilliant cut should be reason enough to head to the stylist and demand a fresh style that you really like. So let trend forecasts for 2019 be the starting point of your new-hair journey. Here are our top four picks.

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Bangs | They’re going to be all around in all avatars. While wispy bangs and baby bangs have still been around, curtain bangs are making a comeback after a while this year – and for good indeed – they are easy to style, good for beginners and can be either swept off to the side or left in the front with a centre part.

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For us, the highlight of the bang mania is that curly bangs are being lauded as much as their straight cousins, if not more. So if you have curly hair, get the fringe, and let it happily be its natural self – throw the straightening iron away – for inspiration, look to Sarah Oh.

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A blunt lob | In 2019, lobs are going to come sans layers. They’ll have blunt ends and therefore an angular appearance instead of a textured one. If you have a round or square face, let the hair go slightly under the chin; while longer faces must go for a chin-length lob. Get this cut if a polished professional persona is what you’re aiming at.

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A slightly longer pixie | The classical pixie gets longer with shaggy layers, of which, longer ones lie on the sides and back. You will love this style for its movement and texture. If you have never (or in a long enough time to feel like ‘never’) worn your hair short, plunge into the brigade this year – you just might find a most sophisticated and sensual version of your own self.

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The modern shag | Much subtler than the one from the 70s yet bearing enough nostalgia from the age of the hippies, the modern shag is the haircut you need if you want to add volume at the crown. The shortest layers of a typical shag are short enough to qualify for bangs in the front – and they grow out beautifully into softly cascading, face-framing layers.

Conduct a hair experiment now – just pick the style you enjoy looking at, find the right stylist who tailors it to your personality and face shape – and you’ll have a happy surprise. Just in case you don’t – it’s just hair, it never stops growing!

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