L’Oréal Announces Plans to Produce Hand Sanitizer in Response to the Shortage 

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L’Oréal Announces Plans to Produce Hand Sanitizer in Response to the Shortage 


As a direct result of the COVID-19 outbreak, hand-sanitizing products are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. In response to the shortage, L'Oréal Group, one of the world's biggest beauty producers, has announced it will use its manufacturing facilities to make hand sanitizer and hydroalcoholic gel to distribute throughout Europe, reports Women's Wear Daily.

The Foundation L’Oréal also announced its plans to donate one million euros to the associations that are working around the clock to help the disadvantaged during these unprecedented (and uncertain) times. According to WWD, this involves distributing money to several associations, as well as offering the beneficiaries, social workers, and volunteers who work at those associations hygiene kits and hydroalcoholic gel to help prevent furthering the spread.

The beauty brand's chairman and chief executive officer, Jean-Paul Agon, told WWD: "In this exceptional crisis situation, it is our responsibility to contribute in every possible way to the collective effort. Through these gestures, L’Oréal wishes to express its appreciation, support, and solidarity with all those who mobilize with extraordinary courage and abnegation to fight against this pandemic."

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