Dua Lipa Now Has Dramatic New Bangs Out of Nowhere

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Dua Lipa Now Has Dramatic New Bangs Out of Nowhere


The longer you practice social distancing and avoid the outside world, the more tempting it gets to do something totally drastic to your own hair. Thanks to sheer boredom, it feels like the perfect time to try all the hairstyles you never thought you could pull off, dye your hair a wildly different color, or even get bangs. Dua Lipa, who's never one to shy away from a dramatic hair transformation, just did the latter. And the results will make you intensely sad that hair salons are not open right now.

On March 19, the singer posted a close-up video of herself holding a glass of red wine and tilting her head back and forth. She aptly captioned the post, "the new normal," which we can only assume is in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. We, however, would much rather think she's talking about the new blunt-cut bangs casually hanging across her forehead as if they've always been there.

Later on March 20, Lipa posted another pair of snapshots in a bubbly bathtub, captioned, "how to pass time 101." She's got most of her wrapped up in a red bandana, but those brand-new bangs are still front and center.

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