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So, you like Art Deco | Follow our tips to bring in some old Hollywood glamour to your living spaces

Glass | Sand-blasted and etched glass is an important element of Art Deco design and particularly useful for your doors, to divide the living and dining area. You can also use them for your windows to create a rich ambience, while allowing privacy and light.

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Mirrors | Mirror inlays on doors and cabinets add glamour instantly. Large mirrors on the wall with silver angular frames can transform an entire room.

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Floors | Make sure your flooring has sheen, whether it’s black and white harlequin stone or tiles, polished and lacquered wood chip floors or parquet. Alternatively, Art Deco-inspired rugs with curvilinear motifs make the perfect statement.

Art deco bathroom designs

Cabinets, sideboards and desks should be smooth and veneered. Pick from pale walnut wood, pale green or oyster.

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Cutlery and crockery | Cutlery in architectural shapes and crockery with geometric designs and hints of silver, gold or black are the right choice.

Cornices | If you are in the midst of renovating, consider cornices as they bring wonderful depth to a room. Art Deco designs applied with plaster of Paris are a subtle and stylish addition.

Art deco interior design style

Furniture | A statement chair, a table or console with marquetry, combined with modern furniture can give your living room some allure. Cabinets, sideboards and desks should be smooth and veneered. Pick from pale walnut wood, pale green or oyster. However, dark veneers also work. In the 1920’s, veneer was the popular choice as it was practical and gave furniture a glossy and lavish sheen.

Fabric | For curtains and cushions, geometric patterns are a good bet and chevrons, abstract shapes, angular sunrise patterns and ziggurats can be used for upholstery. These can be used with rich fabrics in dark or bold colours.

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Colours | Monochromatic tones in beiges and taupes compliment mirrored or highly lacquered furniture. You could also go with the classic black and white. However, colours like canary yellow, emerald green and peacock blue were also used back in the day in veneer or metallic paints for glitz or sheen.

Walls | Use chevron and ziggurat patterns to paint a single wall, adorned with an Art Deco mirror. The right wallpaper in the living room, behind your bed or in the foyer can add a touch of opulence.

Art deco interior design – Art deco interiors

Lights and Fixtures | Angular door knobs, handles, candle-stands, metal geometric table lamps and metal and sandblasted wall-lamps add Art Deco accents around a home.

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