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Cashmere is not just limited to your wardrobe | It is drool-worthy when it comes to interiors as well | Make it a must-have this season

With the chill starting to set in, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up near a fireplace with a soft, feathery warm throw? While you may lack the perfect fireplace, the one thing you can invest in is a cashmere throw. The luxury fabric is not limited to fashion and has, in fact, been prevalent in interiors to achieve that soft warmth with a rich feel which works for any cosy nook in a home. We tell you why you should put cashmere on your must have list for your home this season.


When you choose cashmere, you can be sure you are going for high quality fabric, with it being soft, light, highly durable and a great insulator. It’s the go to material to pick for winter. While you may wonder what makes cashmere particularly expensive, keep in mind that its cost varies, depending on which part of the undercoat of the goat it is procured from, where the material is being exported from as well as the production process involved. While China has been one of the main exporters of this material along with Mongolia, the finer cashmere is sold in Europe.


A cashmere throw adds texture and colour to your sofa |

While it has become more common for home decor products such as cushions, curtains, and rugs, the most popular item though is a cashmere throw. It’s a promising luxury item for your home as it will come in use for years together and is an easy way to bring in what might be missing in your space through texture, pattern or colour.


 If you are doing up your home for the season, think of how cashmere can add to any space by bringing comfort and warmth. A cashmere throw in your living area adds contrast against your sofa through texture and colour. The bedroom and a reading area are also some spaces where a cashmere throw comes in handy. Adding it to a guest room for one will make your guests feel they have been upgraded to a hotel suite. You can create a budget-friendly guest room, while adding a few high-end pieces to add as accents and cashmere will do just that. A baby nursery in the making could use it in a bright colour and is the perfect choice for your baby to snuggle up in.


Just in case you are running out of ideas on what to gift a loved one this festive season, you could most definitely find it to be a favourite item. And why not bag one for yourself while you are at it since it is splurge worthy.

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