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It’s the time to party and welcome guests into your home | We offer some ideas for a quick makeover for your spaces

It’s that time of the year again, to get your home ready for the festivity. Start by sorting out the clutter, reorganize your home by tucking away all your small displays and add more storage options to create space to accommodate your guests.

Before you start stocking up on your decoration pieces, think about the palette you gravitate towards. Try to create a mix of subdued and bright colors to bring some balance. You could also incorporate Marsala, the color of the year, to keep it contemporary.


Remember to decorate from the outside in. Your entrance is where you can make your best first impression. Add a few touches to the exterior of your home, resonating with the decor on the inside, through floral decorations, lighting and platters to enhance your doorstep.


The most common practice during the festive season is getting the walls repainted. If you are running against time and aren’t sure about this, consider just painting a focal wall which will look visually appealing.


Use tea-lights, candles and lamps for a welcoming vibe to your home

More guests mean more seating arrangements; create seating options by rearranging your living area and throwing in more cushions.


It all comes down to the details. Think about what you will be serving your guests in. Use your imagination to conjure up trays in a beautiful manner. Also, add touches of antiquity with copper, brass and golden colors and materials to add warmth.


Lastly, the perfect festive season decorations cannot be achieved without lighting. Try to bring lighting in small ways such as using tea-lights, candles and lamps, which will be slightly dimmed and add a welcoming vibe to your home.

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