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Follow these tips and tricks to pull off a stressfree housewarming party

Woohoo!! It’s time to celebrate your new home. We know you are damn excited and so are we. Furniture is in, the decor is set and all your boxes are unpacked, what’s next? A kickass housewarming party of course! With no second guess, we know you want to host this as a perfect one! But because you are new to the place and still in settling down mode, it can get slightly difficult to plan, organise and manage everything on your own. A little help is always good! So, while you are busy making your abode look beautiful, let our team help you out in planning a perfect house warming party for you. Whether you’re planning a grand affair or a casual one, there a few things that you should keep in mind. Scroll down for some pro tips.

Ask for RSVPs

Even before you start getting into the details for the party, the first and the foremost thing you need to have is a confirmed guest list. If you don’t ask for RSVPs, chances are you will not know who’s ‘not coming’ and end up making extra food (which we never encourage) and a lot of other arrangements which could have been managed better. So to keep yourself away from that unwanted stress, do ask your friends to RSVP so that you are well prepared with all the necessary arrangements.

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Don’t get too crazy with the decorations

Remember, it is about celebrating your new home, not about how extravagant you can go with your decoration. We are not telling to go bland but let your home shine itself. You can play around with the ambient lighting or even light some nice candles along with a nice arrangement of seasonal flowers to make your celebration even more charming. Amid all to-do things, do not miss out on a little decor on the entrance. Yes, that’s the first impression thus needs to be happy and inviting. While the fairy lights can do wonder, you can also think of hanging a creative chalkboard with a beautiful message. Keep it minimal and allow your guests to explore your beautiful house.

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Be creative in your seating arrangement

We are sure you want plenty of space for your friends to stand, sit or even dance. Keep your seating arrangement in a manner that it doesn’t create a blockage. You can create a space in your living or dining room by pulling all the chairs or couches on one side and keeping the main entertainment area empty with few floor rugs and cushions. If you still have some unpacked boxes, simply cover them with pretty fabric and use them as stools or side tables. Don’t worry no one is judging you!

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Prepare your menu smartly

You have just moved in and we all know how much time setting up a kitchen takes. Are you still thinking of preparing a huge menu for your party? Well, don’t! Let your guests create their meal. Lay down the ingredients for starters or quick snacks which can be customised as per the personal choices. Few of them can be tarts, salads, or even a cocktail bar. You can create some bite-size starters or muffins and display it all on your kitchen countertop. Keeping it easy for yourself too is important!

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Make your Bathroom ready for your guests

Your bathroom cannot be ignored. It can be extremely embarrassing if your bathroom is not prepared for more than usual people in your house. Most importantly, keep it clean because no one likes a dirty bathroom. Stock up toilet papers, a working air freshener, and extra hand towels. And while all of these things are in order, also make sure they are easily accessible for your guests to find them even when they are a little tipsy.

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Your place should smell good

Last but not the least, ambience matters! Place a few scented candles in the corners to make your home warm and comfy. A pleasant smell can completely change the vibe of the house making your guests feel at home. You can also buy beautiful oil diffuser lamps which can also be your decorative piece. But remember not to go overboard as strong scents can also be a turn off for many people.

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And finally, do not forget to enjoy yourself after all it’s ‘your housewarming’!

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