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Although we have always loved this shade, it is officially a trendsetter now.

Colours have a major significance in our lives. From making us happy or sad or taking us down the memory lane, we seldom notice its role in our day to day life. Every year there is a colour that dominates the trend and for 2020, Classic Blue made it to the headlines for getting colour of the year tag by the Pantone Color Institute. This deep shade of blue is reminiscent of the sky at the dusk. From homegrown clothing brands like Fab India and Biba to the home accessories collection by Good Earth, they all have been using this relatable colour as their new trend. Now, when we are no stranger with this beautiful and soothing hue, it’s time we incorporate it in our lives. And for that, what can be a better way than merging this shade with your home interiors.

Let us explore new ideas of making your home more vibrant and elegant just like the characteristics of ‘Classic Blue’.

Paint the staircase blue

Who said staircases have no scope of up-gradation? Think of painting the staircase in one bright colour and hang a few paintings on the wall of your staircase to create an impact. Afterall the decor should start even before entering the home. To add a little more drama, you can choose to place white ceramic pots with beautiful indoor plants.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Painting it on the exteriors

Taking cues from the western houses and villas, a bold and dark exterior can be one of the most eye-catching ways to elevate the exteriors of your house. Your house will look gorgeous when the sunlight will gently kiss the walls. No doubts, this evocative colour will lend a charming look to your house.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Use Classic Blue to add a pop of colour to dull spaces

To add vibrancy to the not so vibrant spots in your house, reach out for Classic Blue and there are many ways to do that.  You can use this colour in spaces like the laundry room, hallway or even in your balcony. You can choose to paint the cabinets of your laundry room in Classic Blue or put a nice blue chair at the corner of your balcony.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Bring it to the cutlery

Any ceramic work with a dash of this Indigo-looking hue looks mesmerising. If you are fond of crockeries and love collecting them, consider choosing the blue ones next. This seems like a good idea for your crockery cabinet next makeover. Whether it is a cup-saucer, a teapot or a serving dish, it will look no less than a decor item of your house.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

How are you planning to go with this shade?

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