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Tips To Staying Fresh On Your Next Flight

Dehydrated skin, chapped lips, dry hair and a wonky neck need not be the default way you disembark from a long flight. Long distance travel can be disorienting if you’re not equipped, so we gathered a few ideas to keep you at your best: 
Ensure you’re comfortable on the journey: wear layered clothing which can be removed or added depending on how warm or cold you feel. Be prepared for in-flight air conditioning, infamous for blasting sub-arctic temperatures.

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Hydrate continuously. Drink water and try to stay away from the free alcohol, also the antidote to chapped lips!

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Take care of your skin with travel-sized containers that will hold the essentials. Pack wet wipes to remove any makeup. Add an eye mask to your kit, it can help with puffiness post a 10-hour flight. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. The air circulated in cabins sucks out moisture leaving your skin scaly and parched. Why not also try Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask? The product that every celebrity and blogger is swearing by, its USP is instant rejuvenation.

Try to relax. Essential oils are great - lavender can help you catch some winks if you find it hard to fall asleep on a plane.

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Feeling sore after being cooped up in a narrow seat with the front seat recliner almost in your lap? Move around, walk and stretch to get your circulation going. Compression socks, while grandmotherly in appearance, are also a great way to ensure your legs don’t go numb with all that sitting.

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Remember to snack wisely. Pack your own favourites, minus the high salt and sugar. Walnuts are a great alternative to salted peanuts, for example, and the Omega-3 acids will do wonders for a glowing complexion.

Safe travels!

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