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The best summer guide for an ethnic chic wardrobe is here | A must Read

It’s time to embrace the home-brewed style of yesteryears. The timely intervention of ethnic chic has enlivened many wardrobes with their distinctive global Indianness. We bring you some of the most accessible and versatile options to choose from.

Lakme fashion week Mumbai 2016

The Mulmul magic | Mulmul seduces summer into submission. In essence, mulmul is a lightweight, breathable finely spun cotton yarn that is ideal for summers for its exceptional moisture absorbing skills. Additionally, it’s soft on the skin and has a lovely fall. With designers experimenting with its laidback glamour,mulmul has evolved to be more than just a piece of clothing you can’t wait to slip into when you come back home after a sweat-infested day. From lounge wear to brunch outfits to night wears and social outings; mulmul’s different (and equally spectacular) avatars have made them summer’s best friends.

ka-sha by karishma shahani khan

Big prints, better saree! For us Indians, sarees are not a seasonal garment. We have a saree for every reason. And this season’s hottest fetch in sarees are the ones with bigger and bolder prints. There are several reasons for this:
Big prints eat up what the treadmill is yet to chew.
They reduce the need for chunky jewellery, a great respite indeed.
You can opt for a simpler blouse made of say, cotton and not break into a sweat.

Ikat tote bags
Khar West – New khar studio

Ikat musings | For some, ikat prints are a second skin of sorts, a protective layer that brings good things to those who wear it. While the idea is enough to drive one into becoming an ikat hoarder; it has more to it than a fantastical charm. Ikat is made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. With a dense mash-up of patterns, often bohemian in appeal, ikat makes both daring and endearing fashion statements. It works best with monochromatic and neutral hues. It forms a special camaraderie with tops and skirts and looks equally good when worn as a scarf or as a dress, depending on the wearer’s courage, of course.

coin purse pouches

In Vintage, we trust! Especially in a vintage clutch. Summer is the time when short goes shorter. And, if you like it short, compensate for lack of length (unapologetically, of course) by carrying a BIG vintage clutch, first for its bygone-ish feel and secondly, to shut inside it your entire home-outside-home without a worry. A vintage ‘banjara’, beaded Chanel or an Endelweiss are a few options you can choose from.

reclaimed wooden earrings

Wooden jewellery | Light-weight and oft-reminiscent of something pure and rustic, wooden jewellery is becoming one of the fast rising trends among seasoned fashion lovers. In some way, it cements our connection with nature—rain, greenery, and a general feeling of freshness and calm. From a cart-vendor in your local market to high-on-native designer wooden jewellery, it’s safe to say you have plenty of options to choose from.

itr by khyati pande
study NY –New York sustainable ethical fashion

Go Indigo | This season let some indigo sunshine enter your wardrobe, for it seems to have ignited a creative spark among designers. With simple twists and relaxed draping, indigo will be seen in multiple roles essaying ease and comfort, virtues of a viable summer wardrobe. Organic indigo is here to stay, too, with Indian designers like Aneeth Arora (Pero), Rajesh Pratap Singh, Rahul Mishra, to name a few, displaying long, soft silhouetted dresses, scarves, soft jackets, warp tunics and harems all in multi-hued indigo variety. So make it your summer staple and the uncommon diva in you will not be disappointed.

Ethnic chic is about retaining one’s roots and finding new routes to style. Its unabated allure and charm will make your wardrobe a thing of beauty and joy forever.

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