5 Fashion Influencers Who Are Promoting Body Positivity


They truly are the torch bearers of fashion!

There are set standards, worse, ideal body categories that decide the status quo of the society. It is especially difficult, then, for a young woman to hold her own amidst all the beauty and body ideals set by others. 

The media sells us an idea of the 'perfect' body, a certain nip and tuck that will ultimately make us adhere to the set standards. But amidst this hullabaloo, there are still some women who like to wear their personality on their sleeve. They are not afraid to break stereotypes, rise over shame or even celebrate their beautiful bodies! We are talking about the top five fashion influencers who along with style, spread a beautiful message on body positivity to their followers. Here are the ones we particularly love.

Tanesha Awasthi Of Girl With Curves

Tanesha Awasthi doesn't mince her 'curves' when it comes to dressing up. On one hand, she will be romancing ruffles, on other a tight skirt that accentuates her body frame. The girl is not apologetic about her size and is a torchbearer when it comes to curvy fashion in India. Here she is seen wearing a well-fitted blouse along with a bodycon skirt, something which curvy girls are told 'not to' wear. And boy, she rocks it!

Lu D’Souza Of Weesha's World

"Low necks and pantsuits? Are you serious?" This thought could be running inside many a thousand curvy girl's minds every time they think of donning it for any occasion. It can be quite risque, especially when you have a bigger body frame. But Lu here proves them all wrong by breaking stereotypes and urging young women to wear jumpsuits, regardless of their body type. You go, girl!

Fashionopolis By Amena Azeez

Apart from being India's first plus-size fashion website, she has a very engaging blog that helps young women to accept their bodies as they are. We love her traditional twist to casual wear and the way she styles clothes in her own unique way. Most of her outfit choices veer towards modest and comfy dressing that can easily transition from day to night and we love it!

Aashna Bhagwani 

"When you choose to see the beauty in yourself, others can’t help but see it too" - perhaps this is the mantra that Aashna lives by. Her Instagram feed is a happy splash of colour and each post bursts of positivity. From mixed prints to solid coloured outfits, we love how she styles them so effortlessly! Our favourite? This winter-apt avatar!

Raagini R Of Kittehinfurs

Raagini is not just a fashion influencer, she is an avid writer too. We love reading her long posts and Instagram. Her vintage-style outfits and sepia-toned photography is what makes her our favourite. Crop tops, bikinis or a beret, this girl no stopping. Absolutely love her!

Thank God for being a ray of motivation for girls around the globe. We certainly need more influencers like them!

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