Let’s not call them ‘female bartenders’, they just are the best bartenders of 2020 who also happen to be women!

We know most bartenders are men! We are not being sexist here, bartending is a lucrative career option, especially if you are skilled enough for it. Whether you want to pursue it full time or as a part-time job, everything about it is like art. But hey, Cocktail- the film was still made with Tom Cruise as the lead and in India too, there are female bartenders, but most of them are looked down upon, frowned… it is still considered to be a ‘man’s job’. 

Sure, a man can get you a drink but when a woman does it, it is considered downright evil. Why female bartenders are then treated any differently from their male counterparts? Is it an ego issue, a sexism thing or just plain ignorance, we don’t know but some women are changing the age-old norms and challenging the stereotype amidst a male-dominated profession. You’ll see them behind the bar, flawlessly making a drink with an indelible spirit. Here are some extraordinary ones you need to know about.

Arati Mestry

Arati started her career as a bartender from Planet Hollywood Beach Resort in Goa and then moved to Elephant & Co., Pune. She was so good at her job that they even gave her a chance to introduce her cocktails. But the struggle wasn't easy; from studying at the Institute of Technology and Management (ITM – IHTM) to reading books and even bartending at friend’s restaurant, she was driven to take it up as a profession. She even participated in the Ultimate Bartender Championship where she was a sole women contender "I feel nobody can discriminate against you if you have skills. In today's time, skills matter the most. If you are good at your job, people will appreciate you, irrespective of your gender," she told IANS.

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Photo Credit: Arati Mestry

Alisha Castelino

She may have started her job at a five-star hotel but Alisha wanted to escape the monotonous work culture and instead, tried her hand at bartending. “I was so passionate about everything that I wanted to do and learn everything possible. I started as a hostess, went on to become a floor captain, until I found my real passion, bartending,” she told The Cocktail Story Official. She joined the Bombay Canteen soon after where she trained under the brilliant Raghu Raghav who trained her well, so much so that she was awarded as the second runner’s up at the prestigious American Whiskey Legacy Competition.

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Photo Credit: Alisha Castelino

Gisela Dsouza

It took Gisele three years to convince her family to allow her to do something she loves the most- create cocktails! After pursuing a bartending course from Flairology, she turned into a mixologist trainer and even co-founded Madhushala School of Beverage, in Mumbai, which is exclusively for women! Gisele is currently a freelance bartender and is currently helping other female bartenders to chase their dreams without any stereotypes or taboos attached.

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Photo Credit: Gisela Dsouza

Feruzan Billimoria

Bartending may seem like a fun thing to do, but like any other skill, this too needs the dedication to master the art. Feruzan’s story was a little different. She dealt with a bit of alienation during her stint as a bartender and soon found ways to strike a balance between her job and loved ones. According to her blog and The Cocktail Story Official, Feruzan is currently researching on a project dealing with the mental health of Bartenders. She is also working as the brand ambassador of the Indian Gin brand, Stranger & Sons. Feruzan is slowly but steadily breaking the glass ceiling and the added stereotypes associated with bartending as a woman in India.

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Photo Credit: Feruzan Billimoria

You ladies make us proud. Keep pouring… cheers!

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