In conversation with the founders Sachin and Neha Gupta

When a 20-year-old Delhi-based interior furniture brand, Beyond Designs decided to come up with its flagship store, it was not just any other retail outlet. Conceptualised and created by the power-couple Sachin and Neha Gupta, this 8,000 square-foot store located at the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, showcases a series of carefully curated vignettes which mimics elegance at its best. In a tete-a-tete with the founder duo, we got into the details of their design aesthetics, their inspiration and how they are taking forward this amalgamation of contemporary and traditional art.

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IFM: Let us start with the name itself 'Beyond Designs', who coined the name?

Neha: We have been partners in our journey of creating unique designs from the beginning, however, the name Beyond Designs happened to come from Sachin.

IFM: After spending almost 20 years in the industry, what prompted you to come up with the flagship store? 

Sachin and Neha: This flagship store is not our first retail outlet. We have had Beyond Designs retail stores for over eight years now – there was one in Defence Colony, the hub of luxury brands. Meanwhile, Sultanpur was developing as a centre of good domestic and international brands for furniture and home accessories. So, this seemed like the perfect location for us. Here, we have a huge space, where we offer a walk-through experience with a real-life setting of home decor for living room, dining space, bedroom, study, etc. 

Photo credit: Beyond Designs

IFM: Were you both always interested in design? Do you have any rules when it comes to designing a concept? 

Sachin: Naturally, we both were always inclined towards art and design and that’s how we found our way into the world of designing. No strict rules, but we are inspired by the rich heritage of art and crafts, old and new, around us and we are particular about translating that into our work. The reason you find so much of classical influence in our work is because we want to further the traditions that have enriched our life.

IFM: Beyond Designs truly defines luxury. We are sure it is not an easy task to cater to the luxury market in any part of the world, what's your mantra?

Sachin and Neha: We create contemporary spaces that showcase classic art forms, design, and traditional craftsmanship. As we fuse designs and influence from around the world, across the ages, our work becomes saturated with a melange of styles. We also work with diverse materials some new, some age-old which helps us attain a certain premium standard and exclusivity in our work. Those who love our work are the ones who appreciate and value our style, hence they love Beyond Designs. This way the process of understanding and addressing their taste and style becomes comparatively smooth.

Photo credit: Beyond Designs

IFM: We see exemplary designs at your store and there seems to be a strong inspiration behind every piece. We would like to know where do you go for stimulation? What inspires your creations?

Neha: Art, design, and architecture from around the world inspire us. And we satisfy our craving for such beauty on our travels inside the country and abroad. Our heritage structures and ancient designs, handicrafts are a constant inspiration. While we design for the future, the clues come from the past. 

IFM: We are sure you guys would have created numerous pieces that define perfection, which one has been your favourite that you would have wanted to take home?

Sachin and Neha: We always make sure that every small piece gets its attention to detail and is crafted to perfection. A bespoke piece is not exclusive in its design alone, but in the execution and finish as well and every piece is dear to us. But if we were to pick one at this point, it would be the ‘Gothic wall panels’ that were part of our collection launch at ID 2019. These panels, along with the beautifully crafted console table using brass, create a mystic aura that is all-pervading and irresistible. 

Photo credit: Beyond Designs

IFM: The flagship store Beyond Designs resonates a unique walk-through concept, what are your customer reviews so far about the place and overall experience? 

Sachin and Neha: The customers are awed by the sheer complexity of elements, materials, and styles that are at play here. The walkthrough experience makes them feel like they are in a modern palace or an abode of art and design. There is so much to see, experience and be influenced.

Since there is so much happening in every corner, without overpowering their senses, they are amazed at the harmony and peace they find here. They see a bit of the world design heritage here.

IFM: Tell us about your manufacturing process, from ideation to raw material to the final product, take us through the journey of BeyondDesigns’ product? 

Sachin and Neha: Our production unit is in Sultanpur which is very near to our store at MG road and this makes it easy for both of us to ideate and interact with the craftsmen, and monitor the work as well. The journey of each product is a typical one, the design is finalised at our office, and then it goes to the craftsmen in the factory, where it gets its shape and finishes under stringent supervision, and finally, it reaches the store or the site of installation.

Photo credit: Beyond Designs

IFM: We are sure that with every passing day, your client base is expanding. What are your expansion plans as a brand?

Sachin and Neha: We are currently working across India, and abroad too, and we will continue to do so. 

IFM: We would like you to share a few tips with Iflauntme readers on 'the essentials of perfect home decor'.

Sachin: First understand what is your style, and then set about building the décor around that. If you are looking at a mix of styles, make sure to get a sense of balance with your choice of colours, elements so that it doesn't lead to jarring notes. If you want a minimal look, then go for a neutral colour palette and add hints of colour with accessories. 

If you’re looking at a classic style, then feel free to borrow designs from the past and mix it with today’s style. If you’re mixing things the classic and contemporary way, then you should have a keen eye to avoid too many disparate elements. Harmony and balance are the words to keep in mind. 

Photo credit: Beyond Designs

To know more about their upcoming collections, visit the store at Beyond Designs, New Delhi or follow on website and Instagram.

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