4 Things To Indulge In During The 21 Day Lockdown!


Here's how you can enjoy your Lockdown time by 'virtually' doing some interesting things

Yes, it adheres to the social distancing stint!

We will not discuss the global pandemic or give you insights about it. There are several news channels and valid sources that are updating you about it. We know it is a dark hour in history, something that you would tell your kids about when it is over. But for now, the constant news updates can get very overwhelming and if you are someone who would like to make this 21-days lockdown, a tad bit fruitful and enjoyable, then here are some social media trends that might help. Not only will they bring a big smile to your face but will also ensure that you learn a new skill and make the most out of your self-quarantine situation. We have got everything that will help you make a deliciously frothy coffee to get you to stay in shape. Are you ready for this virtual discovery? 

Dalgona Coffee

This is a frothy coffee drink that finds its roots in South Korea and has been quickly touted as the social distancing drink during this self-imposed quarantine. We love Shivesh Bhatia's easy rendition of it. It is easy, simple and quick to make with just three ingredients- instant coffee, milk and sugar. You just have to whip some water, coffee and sugar together to bring it to a frothy consistency and add some hot/cold milk over it. Trust us, this photogenic drink is not only delicious but will also make your Instagram feed soar with likes and comments!

Sohrab's 40-day Challenge

There is is a reason why Alia Bhatt always stays in shape! Sohrab Khushrushahi is not just a celebrity trainer, he is a humanitarian who urges people to get off that couch and move! Whether it is his easy stretching exercises or his 40-day challenge, he helps one and all to achieve their fitness goals by just logging on to his Instagram. You can start with easy cardio exercises and built it up according to your stamina. 

Binge Watch

This one is easy and while you can log on to many a thousand online streaming platforms, we urge you to watch it with your loved ones to make the experience even more enjoyable. You can watch some light-hearted comedy or go on a documentary watching spree which will even serve to be knowledgable. Just make sure the movies or series are enjoyable and nowhere connected with Coronavirus as it may trigger anxiety. Netflix series like The Office, Friends, Sex Education and some feel-good Bollywood movies can be a huge stress buster.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Books To Read

Whether you have a kindle or just want to ponder through your home bookshelf to find a great read, a book can never disappoint. This is a great time to read short stories or Murakami novels as they can be a huge mood buster and will be over sooner than you think. Poetry is another genre you can experiment, especially if you like reading something before you go to bed or during lunch breaks!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

We assure you that things will get better. For now, just sit back and practise social distancing while indulging in any of these or maybe all! 

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