5 Great Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee


Trust us, your body will thank you for this!

For years together, legends have always implied on the significance of coffee and what a morning shot of caffeine can do to you. You have read it in the media and many big commercial conglomerates, coffee is what you should wake up to. You can choose from dark roasted, bullet, rose-infused, even alcoholic, which will double its potency by a staggering rate.

Had a bad day? Coffee. Want to wake up to a hangover? Coffee. Want to strike up a conversation? Then coffee is the most common beverage that is recommended by many. Who would have thought that the seeds of berries from certain Coffea species would dominate your day and inturn your life! While coffee is known to boost your mood and metabolism, it is a highly addictive beverage that according to many researchers and studies can cause anxiety, rapid heart rate, Insomnia and even digestive issues. Plus, it is known to have an adverse effect on your body too. We are not saying that coffee is bad for you but with the growing tensions in the society, widespread viruses and health issues, it is better if we take a holistic approach to health care. And if you are trying to kick the butt with some non-caffeine drinks, then here are some alternatives that your body will thank you for. We understand the first day will be terrible, the second, even worse but consistency is key and trust us, these drinks are tastier alternatives, if not even better!

Chamomile Tea

We know what you are thinking, Chamomile tea as the first thing in the morning? But just imagine the benefits of it if you start your day with it! Still, confused? Let us explain... Chamomile tea is often regarded as a holy Grail tea to be had after a long day at work. It reduces stress, anxiety and takes away all the heaviness from your body. Then it will be nicer to start your day with it, so as to have a long, productive and happy day ahead minus any stress. We suggest you have a box of tea bags placed right next to your bedside table so that you can have a cuppa as soon as you wake up!

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Turmeric Latte

You may recount this as a healthy pre-bedtime drink that your mom would often force on you. Haldi milk or Turmeric latte came into the forefront when many cafes in the west started propagating it for its many benefits. Trust us, it is a healthier version to any hot drink and combines the benefits of many Indian spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg, all considered to be superfoods that build immunity. We suggest you start your day with a warm drink with a dollop of honey into it for maximum benefit.

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Aloe Vera Juice

Apart from providing nourishment to your body, the consumption of aloe vera juice first thing in the morning has many skin benefits too. If you are looking to put those pimples at bay or just want to keep a check on your weight, then this drink would help. Daily consumption of aloe vera juice will boost immunity, relieve digestive disorders and is beneficial for curing anaemia too! What's more, it is super widely available and can be made at home within minutes.

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We have said this before and will reiterate it again, Kombucha has been the best discovery of 2018! The food trend promotes healthy living and a break from caffeinated and cola drinks. Drink it with your meals, after a workout or first thing in the morning, this fermented tea drink will make sure your gut and liver are always happy! It has also been instrumental in keeping Type 2 diabetes in check and is quite yummy too!

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Coconut Water

This is probably the most abundantly found drink but is ignored by many. Coconut water will not only nourish your body with the required minerals, potassium and electrolytes but will also wake you up instantly. You can drink it on its own or mix a bit of mint and honey into it to make your own morning mocktail. We advise you include this with your post-workout meal too as the benefits it offers are priceless!

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You can alternate your non-caffeine drinks every day or just follow one as per your mood. The world is your oyster.

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