Bite into the most comforting salads that will not only keep you healthy but also warm your soul this winter. Check out some great vegetarian & meat-based winter salad here!

Winter salads - the much-hated appetiser that has been given a bad rep in the media - thanks to it being treated as an unwanted food item. On a diet? Salads! Trying to lose weight? Opt for salads! Going Vegan? Try healthy salads! But apart from the obvious, did you know that the platter of vegetables (mixed with meat) can not only be a nourishing option but a scrumptious one too? We know it is quite uncommon to find a person who thoroughly enjoys his salads more than the main course... but we are here to break the myth with some good news. No, we are not telling you to graze yourself towards good health, instead, we have found some nifty few that are rated the best in the country. These healthy salads are warm, delicious and act as a comforting fuzzy blanket during those cold winter months! So without much ado, here's presenting some salad places near you for some great vegetarian and meat-based winter salads that are easy, nutritious and oh-so-yummy! Take a pick!

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Crispy Duck Salad At Hakkasan, Mumbai

Hakkassan maybe a favourite amongst NRI's and businessmen, but did you know that it is most famous for its duck salad? It is their signature dish, which combines a burst of flavours and textures and includes crisp fried duck, juicy pomelo, fresh microgreens and crunchy pine nuts. Great for when you are craving a wholesome meal but don't want to go with the usual! Trust us, one bite into this salad will make you want for more!

Photo Credit: Hakkasan

Smoked Chicken Salad, Machan, Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi

Nothing can be more comforting than a hot bowl of soup in the cosy winters. But if the soup doesn't sound too appetising then we suggest you head straight to the Taj Mahal hotel in Central Delhi to relish on a gorgeous smoked chicken salad at the Machan. The chicken is perfectly cooked and comes with an addition of crispy green which sets a nice contrast to the meat. 

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Compressed Watermelon & Chevre At Tuscany, Trident, Hyderabad

We know what you are thinking. Watermelon salad for winters? But wait till you sink your teeth into the juicy watermelon, covered with tangy goat cheese and mint. You could have this as an appetiser and also as a light dinner option. Great for when you are recovering from a handover or don't want something very heaty in your system. This salad will be a great option.

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Pondicherry Beach Salad, Le Dupleix, Pondicherry

Vegetarians rejoice! Not only is this a very aesthetically pleasing restaurant, but it also serves some lip-smacking food too! And for salads, we suggest you close your eyes and settle for a Pondicherry Beach salad that has a healthy mixture of organic fruits along with goat cheese. Want to go a step further, pair it with your usual Chardonnay and you will thank us all your life!

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We sure are going to try them all. How many are you adding to your list?

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