Here’s a list of the most exclusive villas to stay at and things to experience on your African Safari

We all know several travel stories of Bollywood stars and their fancy go-to places where they like spending holidays. But taking a break from the reel life means much different in Alia Bhatt’s dictionary; if you are an avid follower of our very own Alia Bhatt, you must already be aware of her vlog we are referring to. Straight from her camp in midst of Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, she shares a glimpse of her holiday to the wilderness. Wouldn’t you be as excited to spot a lion stroll by your tent or having the time of life enjoying the calm in isolation away from city light? Don’t think and take cues from Alia to plan your perfect gateway to the wilderness. For your ease, we have done the drill for you and have found out two of the most exclusive villas in the South African jungle where you can enjoy the wild nature in the lap of luxury. Ready for the roar?

Royal Malwane

Picture yourself lying peacefully with dramatic views of the canopies of the Greater Kruger National Park amidst the abundant wildlife. Looks magical right? You don’t have to yearn for such holiday as Royal Malwane in the remote of South Africa is just the right destination for your safari longings. Getting famous among adventure seekers, the Farmhouse is also a perfect place for the one who is seeking a much-needed break, like Alia. The property comes with private staff, a pool, and three suites, you can also access the gym or spa, only if the captivating wild allows you to. 

Photo credit: Royal Malwane

Photo credit: Royal Malwane

What’s more? Your stay will be accompanied by the most qualified safari guiding team in Africa – loosen yourself out in the late-afternoon sun with your dedicated tracker and guide to seek out the wildlife. Watch elephants crossing the track ahead of you, or the local pride of lions lounging by the waterside, or just be prepared for rhino and leopard to bump in-between. But hey! You have the best of guides around.

Cost per night: INR 1,40,000 

Photo credit: Royal Malwane

Photo credit: Royal Malwane

Kubili House

In the Thornybush Game Reserve, Hoedspruit, South Africa, lies the quaint Kubili House, whose magnificence will leave you in loss of words. This splendid private residence is owned by South African-born, New York-based Julian Koski and his wife, Aida, and as you mark your stay here, you’ll have 26,900 square feet area in Kruger National Park’s Thornybush all for yourself. This holiday home beautifully captures the mystery of ancient African ruins in an astounding modern reinterpretation. At the villa, you will get to experience the dreamiest of bedrooms and bathrooms; a heated pool on your outside veranda, your personal chef and butler with all the heavenly comforts you can possibly imagine. Each corner will lend you an aura of ancient African civilizations.

Photo credit: Asiatatler

Photo credit: Robb Report

And while you will be enjoying your stay into the wilderness, get ready to be greeted by elephants, deer, giraffe or even the majestic leopard. By hiring equipped camping vehicles from the Kubili House, you can even choose to spend a night amidst the animals while sleeping out in the wild within cosy setups. Did we mention that during the safari, there are chances to sight big-eyed hyena pups and the Monwana lions too?

Cost per night: INR 2,60,000 - INR 5,18,000 

Photo credit: Kubili House

Photo credit: Kubili House

So wanderer, what are your plans?   

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