Whether you plan to head to the beach or mountains, make sure you do it in an eco-friendly way

Surely you would have heard about the sustainable fashion and makeup movement around the world but let us tell you it is no more limited to that. If you are one of the contributors to the green planet, you would definitely like to discover more and different ways to help make the earth a better place to live. On this note, let us introduce you to the concept of Sustainable Travel, and the related initiative taken by Prince Harry. It’s high time we realise the need to save the destinations for future.

If you really love your planet and wish to make it greener, stop travelling! Well, that seems like a punishment, isn't it? To uplift the travel industry while making it environmentally responsible, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry is on the mission to bring sustainable travelling through his new program called Travalyst. The project comes in partnership with, SkyScanner, CTrip, TripAdvisor, and Visa. With the motive to educate people about nature and also to enhance your travel diaries, Travalyst is the environment-friendly initiative that every travel enthusiast must be a part of. Let's know about the five ways that will not only add to the thoughtful vision of Prince Harry but will also make your travel plans eco-friendly.

Choose a sustainable destination

Keeping your environment footprint clean while travelling is a real task but you can make it struggle-free by choosing a travel destination that values sustainability. It's no secret that a passionate traveller wants to explore the entire world but when it comes to sustainable travelling, make sure the destination you pick is not far away as that helps us choose eco-friendly ways of commuting from one place to another. Also, an overcrowded place is a big no-no as the presence of many tourists further degrades the natural beauty of the place.

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Avoid airplane journey

We get it, you like flying and that cotton-candy like clouds but if you're aware of the fact how air pollution is filling clouds with toxicants, we would suggest that you travel by car (maybe E-vehicles too depending on the distance) or bus. Avoiding the plane journey is a sustainable choice and why not, after all a road trip is all you need to enhance your travel diaries! In case there is no other way out, try and get direct flights because more the number of take-offs and landings, more is the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Also, if you want to enjoy the unmissable landscapes, do consider the luxurious train journeys around the world.

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Eco-friendly accommodations

Surely you would have stayed in the most luxurious properties of the world but the world is changing; it’s about the adoption of eco-conscious ways of living even while you travel. Yes, an accommodation that is eco-friendly; can be a locally owned place or a hotel with green certification. You can experience the local culture, local food and their ways of living while you choose to stay at local accommodations. But if you are the one who cannot compromise on luxury and extreme comfort, a property with the environment-friendly certification is a perfect choice, they make sure that they look after the planet with their solar power installations, ways of recycling and also improve the economy by employing the local staff. So, let your much-awaited trips be all about nature love!

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Don't buy wildlife products

We get it when you want to buy those irresistible sea shells, fur coats or hats made from eagle skin as souvenirs but this kind of growing market place is the reason for endangered wildlife. You might feel like you are helping the local market to grow but ultimately you end up supporting the wildlife trafficking.  Even during those adventurous jungle safaris, an ethical interaction with animals is something that every traveller should be aware of while stepping into their habitats.

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Bid goodbye to plastic

Be it lush green forests, deep blue oceans or even unexplored deserts, the stretch of human trash and especially plastic, is wreaking havoc at most places on our planet. But as they say, 'it's better late than never', you can still conserve the beauty of earth by saying no to plastic and all it needs is your little efforts. While packing your travel bags make sure that you don’t forget to carry reusable bottles and the best part would be organic clothing afterall sustainability in fashion is what every designer is focussing on right now. Do not carry polybags rather buy handcrafted bags from the local market of that destination, as it will not only protect the environment but will also add to the living of locals.

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So get ready for a guilt-free trip because you can’t stop travelling but you can definitely travel better.

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