From the past to the luxurious present: The ITC Royal Bengal


Visit ITC Royal Bengal and experience the city like never before

Have you ever thought of Kolkata as your luxurious getaway? If not, then it’s time to bring in the city of joy, to your travel checklist. And to experience the city extravagantly, nothing can beat your stay at ITC Royal Bengal. This property speaks luxury at its best and represents the city like no other. The ITC Royal Bengal is an ode to the rich past of the state, its culture, language, people and most importantly its food. While ITC being a host, everything is showcased peculiarly and in grandeur. Besides being one of the tallest buildings in Kolkata, ITC Royal Bengal has plenty of luxurious amenities to offer to make your trip memorable.

Photo credit: The ITC Royal Bengal

The magnificent building
Standing next to its cousin, ITC Sonar, the property has 27 floors. Along with it's Presidential, Grand Presidential and Executive Suites, it boasts of 465 rooms. With remarkable interiors, it won’t be wrong to say that ITC Royal Bengal is monumental. Entering the lawn area, its colonial façade is awe-striking. Moving forward, you’ll be greeted by the grand lobby staircase with exquisite Kantha wall display. As you walk around the hotel, you’ll find the décor inspired by the city renaissance. It is like strolling around the art museum. There have been subtle details added everywhere. Think of marble flooring, high ceilings, and multi-layered chandeliers, you’ll find it all.

Photo credit: The ITC Royal Bengal

Dip into your luxurious stay
Imagine sipping Darjeeling tea while relaxing back in your suite and having a mesmerising view of the city. Each room including the suite of the ITC Royal Bengal has been designed to give you a panoramic view of the city. The décor is contemporary classical in its approach. The living room and the bedroom are divided by a bathroom, which is sinfully lavish. And while the rooms don’t fail to impress with the grandeur, you’ll be surprised to know how technologically advanced they are. With all the controls in an iPad, you can even set the lighting mood of your room/suite with options ranging from ‘cinema’, ‘dining’, and ‘goodnight’. How fancy right? And to end your day, you have the royal spa waiting to treat you like a princess. 

Photo credit: The ITC Royal Bengal

Photo credit: The ITC Royal Bengal

Gastronomical delight
ITC knows culinary well, in fact so well that it can quickly leave you finger-licking. And with ITC Royal Bengal it is no different. You can choose to satiate your hunger in five world-class dining options available. Starting with the Grand Market Pavilion, it is inspired by the famous New Market of Kolkata. With live stations all around and a new market vibe, this restaurant is a true sensory journey. Royal Vega, on the other hand, has an extensive menu of vegetarian repertoire. And if you are craving for Italian delicacy, there is Ottimo Cucina Italiana with its expertise artisanal pasta. The Brass Room is a true Bengali retreat with a pinch of royalty. Have your meal in stylish interiors, classical music, and jewel-like cutleries. And don’t forget to drop by Darjeeling Lounge and sip its freshly brewed tea. Because visiting Bengal and not having Darjeeling tea is justice not given to the state.

Photo credit: The ITC Royal Bengal 

Excited much to indulge?

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