A place where child-like joy marries the aesthetic of an ecstatic concept

Click, flash, picture-perfect-beautiful! Instagram-famous pop-up Colour Factory exhibit has already arrived in New York City’s SoHo neighbourhood to provide a much-needed colour to your life – filled with interactive features like a light-up dance floor, an ombré floating balloon room, a custom bar stocked with rainbow-coloured mochi ice cream, and a massive room-sized ball pit, this experiential art museum speaks emotions. And before we talk ‘gramming, let us assure you the taste of colourful food and the melodious tunes you’d experience at the Colour Factory. So, before you start fancying your upcoming Instagram posts here, let us peep inside this vibrant haven. 

Photo credits: Colour Factory


Photo credits: Colour Factory

Pieces of experience that awaits you

A neon-lit sound bath and a giant egg carton welcome you to step inside. Imagine a large, colour-changing dance floor surrounded by a sequined wall, where you can get into the groove of loud and piped-in music. And at the huge ball pit, you can play around like a child and have your photo taken as you sink down. At the colour factory, you won’t be just restricted to fun activities but with many interactive experiences as well. For instance, they have a room where you walk into a life-size decision flow chart leading you to a tiny room devoted to a colour that best suits you. And just in case your inner child would like to explode, rush into the room full of flying colourful balloons inscribed with wishes for the world from little kids. The feeling is absolutely overwhelming. All of the rooms have enough scopes of Instagram indulgence or if you want to Boomerang like whoa! 

Photo credits: Colour Factory

Photo credits: Colour Factory

Instagram of future

Not just Colour Factory is ‘the most Instagrammable’ but offers a hack that will have you wondering if you're living in 2040. As soon as you receive your personalized barcode assigned to your email or phone number, you would be able to swipe your card's barcode to prompt a camera to start counting down from five, allowing you to pose for a picture. Isn’t this something out of the world? And once it clicks your picture, it’ll immediately mail it straight to you. So, no fuss and that awkward guilt of pestering your friend to send that perfect picture of yours. (Wink!) 

Photo credits: Colour Factory

Photo credits: Colour Factory

And wait, did we mention that free Mo Mochi Ice Cream will be given at the start? And the complimentary candy counter with lots of gummy candies to taste? Well, here’s a lot of joy that awaits you in little colourful doses; it’s a place where you should definitely come and brace your childhood times and feed your Instagrammer. Best of both worlds? Indeed! 

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