Present to your palate a gamut of healthy (and undeniably delicious) diets

The health and wellness world got a serious makeover in 2018 with many new trends like clean eating, label awareness and aesthetic-centered food (or as they call it ‘eat with your eyes’) among others. It has been a revolutionary year in terms of diets, which impacted the way we eat, physically as well as emotionally. To believe the industry experts, healthy eating will only intensify further this year as palates get more evolved and health concerns more pervasive. Here goes our list of food trends that will top the charts in 2019 – trust us, each one of these has some real substance to it.

Water 2.0


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‘Tis the year of infused water! An all-hydrating package of premium tonic waters and botanical mixtures like lemon, oak, cardamom and various other spices is already getting popular in the markets. From fruit-flavoured to mineral-infused sparkling water, get ready to quench your thirst this summer as this whole new category of interesting drinks will replace carbonated beverages and other soft drinks that are notorious for their sugar content. If you haven’t tried infused water yet, start with this easy-breezy 2-minute recipe and you’ll fall for it.

  • Add a slice of ginger, honey and few drops of lemon to a cup of warm water; refrigerate and serve chilled with mint leaf garnish.

Be a locavore

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If you’re a stranger to the jargon, a ‘locavore’ is someone who eats locally-grown food as often as possible. Besides being an environmentally sustainable approach to food, eating local makes sure your ingredients are fresh, harvested in season and free of preservatives. If you keep close track of food trends, you might identify the buzzwords of ‘proximity food’ and ‘kilometer 0’ with the idea of being a locavore.

Fat is good

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With several fiercely embraced diets like Keto, grain-free and paleo, 2018 glorified fat like never before; and weren’t we all so glad? After all, when something as delicious as fat becomes lauded for its health benefits, it’s an occasion for celebration – and with richly buttered fish indeed. Thankfully, for us cheese and butter lovers, dieticians have still not reversed their opinions on fat being a boon. So this year, expect a pantry full of ghee (clarified butter), coffee butter and coconut butter, which is going to be the star of the year owing to its omega 3 nutrients.

Pure-plant nutrition

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Thanks to the rich culture of Ayurveda, plant-based meals have always been an integral part of our diets. And now it’s a globally simmering trend with people around the world turning to vegetarianism and veganism in big numbers. The cut down on meat creates the need for innovative meat-free products, several of which we saw in 2018, and several more of which are to follow in 2019 – definitely something to look forward to.

The bowl fever

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Bowl meals are an integral part of Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese culinary cultures. And now they make a grand arrival in India with the Buddha Bowl (aka Buddha’s Belly): a vegetable-rich meal with an ideal proportion of nutrients. It gives you a high degree of customizability with many ingredients to choose from to create the perfect bowl for yourself. If you love to feast your eyes on your food before you start ravishing it, the Buddha Bowl will be a delight to you – extending the typically chic vocabulary to food, this bowl is going to be the ‘it’ meal of the year. 

Corn is having a moment

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According to the highlights of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018, we expect to see corn in almost everything this year; from a once-in-a-while ingredient that it used to be, it’s now rising to the position of an ingredient central to any kitchen. Put it in your biscuits or add it to your pasta, it promises a pot-full of nutrition with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals along with all the deliciousness.

So what does your platter for the year look like?

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