Use these simple tips to keep yourself healthy when on a vacation

Vacation is a necessity. It is a time to relax, explore and embrace a break from your busy schedule. But, whether you’re travelling with family or friends, it can at times be a stressful affair that derails your healthy eating routines. Travelling does not have to result in unhealthy eating. The solution is to fill up on healthy foods when you can and make clever dining choices throughout your trip. By planning ahead and knowing your options, you can take a break from your nerve-wracking routine but not from your healthy eating.

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Do not skip breakfast
The first rule of the thumb is NEVER to skip your breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day and will help you feel better throughout. Skipping it could leave you scrambling for food in less than ideal situations later in the day. If you are one of those who ends up sleeping late when on a vacation then a breakfast call from the hotel is your way out. Buffets are a great way for a healthy and wholesome meal – grab a big bowl of fresh fruits or a glass of juice, even some milk with your favourite cereal or oats should be able to serve you well.

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Staying hydrated is a must
The biggest struggle while on the road is keeping yourself hydrated—not only during your trip but before it and after it, too. Buy yourself a few big bottles right when you get to your destination and keep drinking in the intervals. Dehydration is the cause of so many issues: constipation, sluggish metabolism, low energy, headaches, irritability, sugar cravings, trouble sleeping, muscle cramps and fatigue. We are sure you don’t want any of those making an appearance during your vacation if you can help it. One should at least drink two litres of water a day.

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Don't forget your snacks
‘When hungry grab a Snicker’. Be sure to keep a few protein bars, fresh pieces of fruit, packed nuts or even something like baked chips in your purse or backpack. When hunger strikes, you're not left to do that mad dash to a convenience store to grab the first heat- hot dog and potato chips you can find.

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Opt for hygienic places to gobble
That street food might look tempting but be aware. You should avoid the street vendors and especially food that is deep fried or is kept in open. You are more prone to stomach infection when indulging into binge eating like this. Instead, try out on some good clean restaurants or café where food is served fresh.

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Switch alcohol with wine
There is no real issue with the consumption of alcohol, in moderation. However, alcohol can take you through dehydration. You may have possibly already heard that regular intake of red wine has abundant benefits for the health. Well, not boasting of the benefits of wine, you should try to switch alcohol with wine in your vacation. Wine will help you stay healthy and tipsy at the same time.

Your vacation should be precious and valuable, which is why you should take care of your health. Wherever you go, whether that means beaches, hills or a deserted island, have a happy, safe, enjoyable time! After all, everyone wants to cherish their good memories not bad.

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