Be the first in line to experience this one-of-a-kind glacial haven

Does floating in the Arctic while enjoying a personal sauna time sound like a plan? Then we’ve got some good news for you! Sweden’s much-anticipated, Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa at the Lule River has opened the doors after a long-long waiting period and is now finally accepting reservations. This out-of-this-world accommodation, frozen into a river in northern Sweden can be your ultimate escape to catch the aurora borealis – inspired by the timber floating era it recalls how felled trees were transported downriver for processing; interestingly, the buildings of the hotel are touted to float in summer and freeze in winters.

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Not just the hotel but the astonishing surroundings will also make you skip a heartbeat for all the picturesque pleasures of glacial haven with snow-tipped forests, amazing wildlife, and of course the Northern Lights. Isn’t it mesmerizing? It had to! After all, the masterminds behind the inception of this magical place are the renowned Swedish architects, Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi.

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Up for the floating bliss?

Six incredible comfy rooms complement four different saunas and one isolated spa treatment room. Along with the shop, bar, and a restaurant, it completes up the list of perfect holiday destination. You can disconnect yourself from the worldly thoughts while exploring their bespoke crystal healing sessions or enjoying truly whimsical hot baths. Plus, they also have an outdoor cold bath for souls who like nature at its rawest. 

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Another awestrucking character of this quirky circular hotel is its centre which is reminiscent of a bird’s nest, where you can sunbathe for hours. Even though all rooms include Wi-Fi access, we are sure you will rarely need to plug into it. 

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Plans for pre-booking?

Check out the three-day itinerary offered by Off The Map which includes accommodation daily breakfast, five-course dinner, spa access, and unlimited rejoice. The package starts at about INR 3,45,000 and is available from February 2020 through February 2021. 

Photo credits: Arctic Bath

Photo credits: Arctic Bath

There might be a plethora of cool ways to experience the Northern Lights, but they might not come any cooler than the experience to be offered by this new floating hotel in the Swedish Lapland. With so much of thought, engineering, and ingenuity, this floating paradise will host you for an experience you can't find anywhere else. 

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