Plan your calendar ahead for these enthralling events of 2019

Add an interesting twist to your vacations this year – plan them around some of India’s most renowned music and art festivals for an incredibly enriching experience. The atmosphere of these festivals is deeply invigorating and lets you unwind in many amazing ways – just like those college-time festivals that you used to wait for all year long. Besides, they’re all held in distinctive locations known for their beauty and cultural richness. So take this as an opportunity to get back together with your girl gang from the good ol’ days and recreate the magic of the past one more time.

Covelong Point Festival, Kovalam, Kerala

Photo credits: Abigail Lynn

Photo credits: Covelong Point

The Covelong Point Festival is going to be a delight if you are a fitness enthusiast and also love great art, music and food. It happens on the breathtaking beaches of Kovalam and has the sport of surfing at its core besides yoga and other fitness activities.  Amidst it all, you’re going to absolutely love the serene coastal town vibe of Kovalam. And if you have some time on you and plan to travel through the rest of South India, don’t miss our list of unmissable cafes in the region.

When: Final dates yet to be decided, but sometime in August

Ziro Festival, Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Photo credits: Zero Festival

Ziro is undoubtedly one of the best music festivals in India. It is four days of sheer bliss in the picturesque valley with numerous amazing bands and extraordinary culinary delights.  You’ll be awed by the culture of Ziro and how different it is from the rest of India or anywhere in the world for that matter. So plan ahead and book your calendar for a surreal north-eastern escapade this year.

When: Final dates yet to be decided, but sometime in September

Magnetic Fields Festival, Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

Photo credits: Magnetic Fields Festival

Listed among the '50 Best Music Festivals in the World’ by Time Out magazine, the Magnetic Fields is a terrific festival celebrating various genres of music like reggae, jazz, techno and hip-hop. It’s held in the Alsisar Mahal – a beautiful 17th century palace re-imagined into a hotel. Besides the music and art, you’ll find plenty of amusement in activities like a treasure hunt in the palace.

When: December 13 - December 15

Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa

Photo credits: Serendipity Arts Festival

At Serendipity, the mesmerizing beaches and enlivening air of Goa mix with spellbinding art from more than 1500 artists from around the country. The 8-day fiesta will keep you thoroughly entertained from morning to late at night with endless craft, music, dance, photography and theatre events. And of course, the culinary experience on offer is unparalleled – so gorge as much as you like and have the merriest time of your life with your best friends.

When: Second or third week of December

We’re surely having a hard time deciding which one to pick – what about you?

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