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For many brides the world over, the perfect bachelorette means throwing a party at a strip club in Las Vegas and drinking until the wee hours of the morning. While all this is still very exciting, it may not always be everyone's liking of choice! One may slip of the fact that this is also a time to reconnect with your girlies and make the most out of the last days of singlehood than just celebration. This may involve a rejuvenating spa-cation with your BFFs or just a relaxing tropical vacation to satiate the traveller in you. It may also include taking some horse-riding lessons or even going on a gastronomic trip with your friends – whatever may be the case, we will make sure that your bachelorette trip is the best one. And if you are still looking for some last-minute offbeat bachelorette destinations that are beyond the usual, then this list might help you set your mind on the perfect one.


Zanzibar has been a dark horse in the tourism fraternity. The beautiful sunswept location is well-known for its starlit skies, crystal blue beaches, private beach rides or beach cocktail bars, this is a place to be if you want to enjoy a short beach vacay with your friends, in a private island-like setting, away from the overly crowded tourist's hotspots. The history-loving addicts can also visit the old fort of Zanzibar and the Anglican cathedral to truly enjoy the culture of the city.

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Wedding planning can be painstaking and if you and your girlfriends are looking for a quiet time together, which involves some soul-searching and complete rejuvenation, then Bhutan is the place for you. Surrounded by ancient monasteries and temples, this can be a quite a luxurious option, especially if you want to take a bachelorette trip not too far from India. The country has one of the best 5-star properties around and snow-capped mountains, that would be best suited for an adventurous squad who prefers outdoor activities rather than loud parties.

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There is a reason why it is a celebrity favourite! Whether you want to take a gastronomical sojourn or just spend some days in a luxurious countryside riad, be rest assured that your time will be well-spent. Moroccans are known for their hospitality and an even better spa services that involve magical hammams and argan oil massages, that can be best celebrated after a steaming cup of mint tea with your girlfriends. Don't know about you, but we sure are booking out tickets to this gorgeous location.

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Arizona may seem like a dessert location but get it some 'me-time' with your girlies and you might just rediscover it as a soothing getaway. Most of the resorts in this desert town has been rated amongst the best spas in the world and is perfect for when you fancy a hot air balloon ride while sipping on some sparkling champagne with your girlfriends. 

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Trust us, none of you'll will be able to forget one such momentous all-girls vacay for years!

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