Take these culinary trails around the world and make your own travel niche


For all the foodies, culinary tourism is the next big thing and we call it ‘tasty travel’

Experiencing a new city or country is always incomplete without indulging into its cuisine. It is often said that the true essence of a place lies in the food that place has to offer. How many times it has happened that you want to visit Turkey for its famous Baklava, Japan for Sashimi or Italy for its selection of cheese? Well! if you happen to be a foodie and a true explorer, culinary travel is a thing now. For any trip you take, food becomes an integral part of memory so why not travel just for food? We have brought five such culinary trails that you should add in your next travel check-list. Whether eat-in local homes, visit Michelin-starred restaurants, learn cooking with the local chefs, go on a truffle hunt or have a farm-to-table visit, go beyond the ordinary and make your own travel niche.

Chocolate Lunch in Costa Rica

Known for its natural beauty, Costa Rica also has its tastier side to offer. Head for a foodie vacation where you can visit the local farms —including an organic coffee plantation and a pineapple farm, dine at a local home with a local family, and a Costa Rican cooking workshop at the base of the Arenal Volcano. You can also dip your taste buds in a chocolate lunch with an array of local fresh handmade chocolates. Choose your own experience from Airbnb.

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Taste of Japan

While planning your next visit to Japan, choose to spend good 12 days with the renowned cook and author Adam Liaw. We are sure visiting Japan will never be the same after taking up this culinary trail. In the midst of energetic cities, intriguing history, dazzling natural beauty, ancient cultural traditions experience the spectacular food. From delicious street food to dining in Michelin restaurants, Adam has it all for you in its itinerary. 

Photo Credit: Adam Liaw

Savor delicacies Moroccan style

Ever fascinated about exotic Moroccan dishes? This culinary trip to Morocco will let you create your own Moroccan dish in the Riad (traditional Moroccan houses). Wander through the narrow lanes following the smell of spices being roasted and grounded. Pick your favourites and feast in the villages with local people helping them out to prepare the delicacies. If food is your calling, this is one of the exotic expeditions you should not miss out on. 

Photo Credit: The Independent

Toast in the vineyard of Sicily

From cannoli to its wide range of exclusive wine production,  Sicily is filled with delicious regional dishes, where you can happily indulge in dine and wine. Have a slice of sfincione (the local version of pizza) and learn how Arabic flavors influenced Sicilian cuisine. Sip wine in Marsala, bite cheese in Ragusa, and get ready to be overwhelmed by the diversity of Sicily’s. Let the food lead your journey!

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Taste the real Algarve

Portuguese gastronomy is one of the most luxurious experiences to indulge in. Take this 7-days food-inspired itinerary which is designed for travellers who are passionate about the history and culture of Portugal. Eat, cook, and drink around Olhão and its neighbouring villages while enjoying the beauty of the imperial country.

Photo Credit: Discover walk

These culinary tours will not just let you discover the food but much more about their culture, traditions, and ethnicity. Ready to sink your teeth into a destination’s cuisine?

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