Sampling the Hungarian capital as a luxury traveller

Budapest is a treasure-house of rich offerings and unique experiences. If you are itching for a luxurious all-relaxing vacation, this is the city you must head to. Spellbinding architecture, delectable Hungarian cuisine, a range of local wines, a breathtaking Opera House, ancient bathhouses famed for their therapeutic waters and just the right amount of modern-day additions will make sure you have a most memorable escapade.

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Meet the city in a limousine | Announce your arrival in Budapest in a gorgeous limousine. With numerous limo rental companies in the city catering to travellers like you, getting your ideal transport in Budapest will be a breeze – we recommend booking in advance so you can have a vehicle of choice waiting for you at the airport.

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Pamper yourself at one of the thermal baths | Reserve at least one day to completely give in to medieval Europe’s most decadent pastime. Since the 12th century, or possibly even earlier, Budapest has been famous for its natural thermal water springs. The bathhouses around these springs are architectural marvels in themselves and besides the medicinal benefits of the water, promise an experience of ultimate luxury with saunas, spas, indoor pools and massages.

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The Széchenyi Baths, in addition to their magnificent pools, let you take a dip in therapeutic waters infused with natural extracts and minerals used for brewing beer; while sipping a mug of beer if you so choose.

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Go shopping at the marvellous Andrássy Avenue | Brimming with history and culture, this street is a World Heritage Site; and when you get all your favourite fashion labels in one place in the middle of so much architectural excellence, shopping takes on a divine dimension. Besides all the big international names you can also try out several quaint local boutiques each with its unique take on Hungarian fashion. Do stop for a glass of Tokaji wine in one of the open air cafés in the middle of your most picturesque shopping odyssey.

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Sample Hungarian wines in Buda Castle | You cannot miss a trip to the wine cellar inside Buda Castle! It’s like a romantic time-travel fantasy into the past coming true for a few moments. Hear amazing stories about the castle and Hungarian wineries while you sample exotic wines from the 22 different wine regions of the country like Tokaj, Somló, Etyek and Eger.

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Dress to the hilt for a performance at the Hungarian State Opera | When you are packing for Budapest, do remember to keep a magnificent gown or at the least a tea-length dress with a pair of dressy shoes and some vintage-y makeup to go to the breathtaking Hungarian State Opera. You will surely get some frame-worthy pictures of yourself here besides enjoying a stellar opera.

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Enjoy a drink in a ruin pub | Just like the thermal spring baths, this one is unique to the city of Budapest. The culture of ruin pubs (romkocsma) started in 2002 when a bunch of boys started Szimpla in a dingy old building in the Jewish Quarter on the verge of being demolished. The ‘recycled’ space caught on and led to numerous others cropping up in the city, especially in the historical areas. In a deserted swimming pool (Pagony), an underground parking lot (Beat on the Brat) or a glass factory (Éleszt), these bars take innovation and resourcefulness to a whole new level.

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Dine in the middle of the Danube | The Danube passes through Budapest dividing the city into two parts. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner with free flowing champagne and live folk shows while you pass by the stunning views of the Parliament House and the bridge that connects Buda to Pest. When the weather is warm, you can choose to dine in the open terrace of one of those luxury boats and soak in the charming urban landscape gently floating through the river.

If luxury with substance is what you seek, Budapest is your soul city. Go and explore its unmatched character.

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