Two young entrants in Delhi NCR that are redefining the experience for their members

If you view members-only lifestyle clubs as something of a nostalgia from your grandmother’s Mayfair Ball days, it’s time for an opinion reversal. The new crop of these clubs retains the exclusivity and prestige of their counterparts from the past while being aptly suited to 21st century urban life. They let you have a sense of community, the comfort of an intimate space to retreat into at the end of the day and ample entertainment complemented by sumptuous cuisine.

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The Quorum | A space with creativity, deep work and enriching experiences at its core – for millennials who draw no boundaries between the three

Deep work zones | Tailor-made for the modern entrepreneur or digital nomad, the Q has deep work zones that let you work at length, free of distraction. In addition, they have plenty of meeting rooms and solitary cabins to suit all your professional needs.

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An array of experiences | The Quorum promises to keep you entertained with regular live music, Jazz concerts, book launches, documentary screenings and others of the like. Its art alley gets a makeover every quarter with a new exhibition from the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA).

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A culinary treat with daily specials and Michelin-starred chefs | If food is anywhere close to a source of gratification for you, a membership of the Q is sure to keep you pleased. Instead of focusing on any one particular cuisine, they have an eclectic menu taking from various Indian and continental cuisines with daily-changing specials to give you something new to look forward to every time you visit. Moreover, they regularly invite Michelin-starred chefs from around the world to further enhance your platter.

Lets you find a home while travelling abroad | As a Quorum member, you get access to 32 clubs across 23 countries in major cities like New York, London, Munich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong among others.

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A Ta Maison | A paragon of old-fashioned luxury nestled in a lush green corner of Central Delhi with spectacular views and French-inspired design

Celebrated chefs, exquisite wines and a Brit-Franco menu | “French cuisine with a British twist” is how A Ta Maison describes its menus. And when food this delicate is served to you with a selection of some of the world’s best wines by an exceptionally discerning butler, you know life doesn’t get any better!

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Vintage décor | If you want your favourite English literature classics to come to life, the Cigar lounge of ATM is where you ought to be. Dark brown leather couches, trunks, paintings in intricate frames and lots of cigars on display create an incredibly charming world for you to step into whenever you wish to take a moment off.

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Rejuvenation to the core | The thoughtfully designed sun room of A Ta Maison truly lets you be at home. It gets plenty of natural light, has a wood-rich interior and encourages you to do any leisurely thing you are in the mood for – playing a board game with your friends, sharing a little meal or simply watching TV.

Choose a club that matches your personality, and it will become a doorway to excellent experiences and amazing relationships. Trust us, these old world legends have evolved enough to accommodate your smart lifestyle while keeping up their eternally prized virtues of luxury and legacy.

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