Balloons all in, Central Saint Martin élans out fearless ideas at BA Fashion Show

If something has made a real buzz after Lady Gaga’s extravagant Met Gala avatar, it is undoubtedly Fredrick Tjaerandsen’s rubber balloon dress frenzy that the designer student has very creatively and sculpturally wowed us with. Based in Bodo, Norway Fredrick has completed his graduation in womenswear and at the graduate showcase, the young designer made the models walk in bloated bubble-gum cases which transformed in colourful silhouettes once deflated – these balloon dresses were inspired from his sentiments which depict his early childhood unclear memories.

Models wore stretchable dresses with air pumped giant balloons in a colourful candy-ish spectrum, they released air in the middle of the ramp turning the giant balloon into a rubber dress with elegant patterns – a never seen before experience. Evidently why Fredrick is the overnight sensation in the fashion realm. “My collection is inspired by an almost indefinable moment when a human’s self-awareness becomes active and sentiment,” said Tjaerandsen. “I have strived to develop a process of experimental practice and development through which I could react and create my own expression of this moment and experience of being in that moment.”


The rubber used in the entire collection was sourced from the local rubber manufacturers of Sri Lanka, further dyed in lovely hues and brilliantly structured in one piece with a few seams along with an air pressure system which was controlled by the wearer. 
To deflate, the wearer needed to unlatch from inside and dive out. 

That reaction soon spread on the Internet and went viral within hours after the show. Billy Porter, an actor known for his flamboyant Met gala outfit this year and a Golden Globe nominee, wrote “AWWWWWWWW!!!” on Interview magazine’s Instagram post about Tjaerandsen’s work. Tony Liu, the co-founder of Diet Prada, shared three Instagram Stories shot from various angels capturing Tjaerandsen’s work on his personal account.

Who would have thought of balloons sculpting into beautiful dresses and skirts? The fashion world indeed knows no barriers, and this time the credit surely goes to Fredrick Tjaerandsen’s phenomenal runway collection. Let’s have a look.

Photo credits: Fredrick Tjaerandsen

Photo credits: Fredrick Tjaerandsen

Photo credits: Fredrick Tjaerandsen

Photo credits: Fredrick Tjaerandsen

Photo credits: Fredrick Tjaerandsen

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