Norway is soon welcoming one of its kind ‘Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel’

Ready for the thrill? Imagine swimming in a glass-bottom pool jutting out from the cliff nearly 1,982 feet above or having your favourite meal while enjoying the panoramic view of the surrounding fjords and mountains with your sight touching the horizons. If this sounds like a plan, we have got yet another reason for you to make your travel plans to one of the happiest places on earth, Norway – a new, rather an adventurous concept design for a boutique hotel is on its way to Norway's renowned Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock. 

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

The nearly-unthinkable concept

First of its kind, ‘Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel’ is a design proposal released by Turkish design studio, Hayri Atak Architectural. Slated to be built in the most popular tourist attraction in Norway, the Pulpit Rock, a fjord may sound hell terrifying but an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime is worth all the fear. This imaginative and daring five-tiered structured hotel’s design will host a protruding balcony at each level with three levels built for guest quarters. And for you who dare to swim over the scenery below, the insane pool will be hanging under the cliff, featuring a clear-bottomed floor (woah!). Amongst all the foreseeable thrill one thing certain is the breath-gasping views. 

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

The interiors of the hotel are planned out to speak out luxury at its best – won’t come to us as a surprise if it is carved out of the rock. Imagine such interior with vintage lighting and gothic feel, looks dreamy right? The entrance of the hotel will double up as a viewing deck and would be located on the roof. With design as such, we are happily looking forward to the exciting times, where hotel designs are pushing boundaries for real. 

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Preikestolen is Famous for a Reason

Being Norway’s most remarkable sight, Preikestolen is mounted by cliffs on three sides. Famous among hikers, it is steep and shaped like a church pulpit, which is why the name. At the Preikestolen's top which is nearly flat, visitors can have a magnificent view of the Norwegian landscape. Carved out ages ago by the glaciers, Preikestolen is usually accessible from April to September, depending on the snows. Installing a nine-room boutique hotel is a kind of thing which will add up to the bucket list of most of the luxury seekers who look for an experience beyond ordinary. And yes! Now you have a chance to experience the aurora while hanging on a cliff.

Photo credits: Architectural Digest

Though the hotel is yet to be a reality, it is definitely for those who look forward to ‘live on the edge’ – literally. Did this hanging adventure intrigue your adventurous soul? 

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