Four exotic thrill-brimming spots you should travel to as soon as you can

After you have had your fair share of world travel and cobblestone streets have already populated your Instagram feed numerous times, something as intense as a dip in Icelandic waters is what you need to fall right back in an exhilarating, youthful love with the idea of travel. These rather unusual and still virginal places of the world will give your heart just that right tickle. Delve in and start planning your trip as soon as you’re done reading.

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Cruise the Arctic Circle | A sailing trip all around the North Pole will have a new surprise waiting for you at every turn. From the prized view of the northern lights to a sea full of icebergs as far as the eye can see to exotic wildlife to forests and mountains that will make you ask your partner to keep pinching you back into reality – an Arctic Circle cruise is a trip of a lifetime. July and August offer the most spectacular views.

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Sail to the Southern-most point of Earth | And now down to the extreme south of the planet, an Antarctica trip puts you in the league of the lucky few on earth to witness a natural marvel untouched by the throes of civilization. Take a luxurious cruise that navigates you towards views beyond the realm of even the most imaginative of minds. Cruises happen between December and March – and most of them give you a post-cruise stay in Chile, which in itself is an awesome destination to explore.

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Take a dip in Yucatan cenotes | Legend has it that the meteor that killed the dinosaurs also created in Mexico several (nearly 6000) breathtakingly beautiful natural swimming pools called cenotes. Swim in their crystal clear waters hand in hand with your partner with only sea turtles to keep you company. These are so well preserved that even the sunscreen you wear while entering a cenote ought to be of the biodegradable variety, so as to protect the flora and fauna from any chemicals. Best time to visit Yucatan is between December and April.

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Go hot spring-hopping in Iceland | Hike between volcanic mountains, glacial lakes and numerous steaming hot water springs that beckon you in. With the gentle sun shining on you for 20 hours straight, you’ll enjoy every bit of your hiking adventure and spring dips. We recommend hiring a professional guide though, to ensure that you take the best track possible. If you seek milder temperatures, pick the June-August window; else, if you can brave the cold, late September will let you enjoy hikes as well as the northern lights.

Start planning a thrilling and deeply meaningful trip to one of these destinations – you’ll take home an experience that makes for a lifetime of beautiful stories.

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