Live your dreams by witnessing the best that nature has to offer from the comfort of a glass igloo!

Picture this: You are sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the snow-clad landscape, cosily tucked in your duvet, witnessing the northern lights from the comfort of your glass igloo! Believe us, this is no dream, the Kakslauttanen arctic resort in Finland lets you explore this and so much more...Located at the north of the arctic circle in the Finnish Lapland, this luxury boutique hotel is a gentle kiss of comfort and luxury, a mirage of mystical surprises and a celebration of nature's biggest spectacle. 

Born out of a need for shelter, this luxury boutique resort slowly catapulted into a travel establishment. Legend has it that its owner Jussi Eiramo ran out of gas on his way home from a fishing trip in the 70s and was forced to spend a night in a self-erected tent, in the middle of the wilderness. For some strange reason, the chartless place felt like home and slowly graduated into a cabin, a café, and finally into a family-run 1200-plus acre resort that it is today.

While there are many reasons you should visit this place, here are some that will make you brave the cold and the long haul to experience this heaven in the lap of luxury. 

Photo credits: Kakslauttanen

1. A 'Glassy' Story

August to April are one of the best months to catch the northern lights in its full glory. While the position of the sun and the cloudiness of the sky may highly affect the visibility of the Aurora Borealis, patrons who have visited the fated boutique hotel, have never gone without catching the mystical view from their Kelo or even the glass igloos. While at the aurora hunt, you can relax at the sauna, sit by the fireplace or just make yourself a quick cuppa joe in your private kitchenette while you wait for the lights to make the magical spell on you.

Photo credits: Kakslauttanen

2.Experience Nature At Its Best

Apart from witnessing the northern lights, there are a host of things you can do at this luxury boutique establishment. You can enjoy a beautiful array of Finnish and Lappish artwork at the hotel's art gallery, which was open to the public only a mere two years ago. Since it is located at the edge of the wilderness and a stone's throw away from Finland's biggest national park – the Urho Kekkonen National Park, which makes for a quite a great husky hike adventure – this place is a snowy retreat.

Photo credits: Kakslauttanen

3. It's Santa Time, All The Time!

If you have always dreamt of having a white Christmas with Santa Claus driving by a sleigh pulled by reindeers, then your dream might just be fulfilled here! Although you need to make an appointment in advance to enter Santa's castle, the elaborate 'Santa's Home' in the boutique resort is the only place where the good old man dressed in red plays hosts children and adults all year round! Expect handwritten letters, Christmas cookies, and a whole lot of wine when you visit this decorated chalet.

Photo credits: Kakslauttanen

4.  Food Fare

Both the Kelo restaurant and the West Village restaurant serve lip-smacking Lappish and International cuisine. Expect an array of bread and meat selection at both these restaurants. Additionally, you can even dine at the 'Underground' restaurant or the 'Smoke Sauna' restaurant on prior reservation. Lastly, don't' forget to raise a toast in the world-famous Igloo Bar while watching the ethereal Northern lights.

Photo credits: Kakslauttanen

Whether or not you are a snow person, this magnificent resort in Finland will leave a one-of-a-kind experience in your travel diaries. Book your share of happiness here.

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