Haven’t tried Kombucha yet? Hit to these places to experience this fermented drink

If you follow health trends, chances are you are already aware of ‘Kombucha’! While the food bloggers are writing hefty posts about it, many known cafes and food joints are including it in their menu. 

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink, where the black or green tea is usually mixed with sugar and is left for fermenting. But apart from the making process and pungent taste, Kombucha is known for its ample health benefits. It is believed that Kombucha improves gut health, digestion, helps weight loss and even boosting your mood. 

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What is the story behind this mysterious drink?

Packed with the goodness of health benefits, Kombucha recently took the internet by storm especially in America and Australia. But, the origin of this fermented drink can be traced thousands of years back during 200 – 221 BC in China later moving to Eastern Europe. During the 1960s in Switzerland, several scientific pieces of research were carried on which proved it to be beneficial for health. 

Today, when millennials are more health-conscious and looking up to the traditional and healthy ways of living, Kombucha has been again brought into the discussion. Making to the list of top ‘superfoods’ many are opting this drink to enjoy its unique taste which is sweet, sour and vinegary. It is prepared by adding a ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts (SCOBY)’ to a mixture of tea and sugar which later rests for 10 days to ferment.

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Where can you get Kombucha?

If you are curious to know how Kombucha tastes like or you have been wanting to include superfoods in your diet, Kombucha is surely worth a shot. Many bartenders have also started experimenting with Kombucha to create the all-new crazy cocktails. And to get your first dose of this fermented drink, hit to these places which are mastering the art of making Kombucha.

Atmosphere Kombucha

The sister duo, Rebekah and Ariella Blank took off for the Kombucha journey this year which later was loved by many. Their creations of Kombucha contain completely raw, organic and natural products like fresh fruits and dried herbs. And to make it more exciting they are available in different flavours like mango, exotic lime, guava, ginger, and lavender blueberry. Currently, they deliver across Delhi and NCR.

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Run by life partners Monika Powlowska and Nitin Gandhi, Bombucha is serving you with 17 blastful flavours like Kanji, Elderflower and more. The best part is that they are on the regime of sustainability and encourage to follow the bottle return policy. You get a free Bombucha bottle on the return of six empty ones. Now that’s some motivation! You can get one at select stores across Mumbai or opt for getting it delivered.

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Bucha Bar

Harsh Negandhi decided to embark on the journey of Kombucha after he got really impressed with the taste and benefits of this fermented tea drink.  While the process of making Kombucha remains the same, what makes Negandhi’s Bucha Bar unique is their SCOBY which is procured from Goa. Head to his outlet located in Mumbai’s Kalbadevi and enjoy your Kombucha. 

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While the couple got stirred up about this drink in America, Vikram and Mashi decided to introduce the taste in the Indian market. Currently, they brew six different flavours like apricot-cinnamon, apple-nutmeg-clove, Adrak Ki Chah and Koka. If you want to grab your dose of Kombucha, they do deliver across three big cities, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

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Unlike all the other trends which ‘come and go’ let’s wish that ‘booch’ is here to stay. 

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