Embark on the journey of self-discovery and calm your un-settled heart

It is always easy to snuggle up in bed and disconnect with the whole world outside, but has dwelling done anybody any good? The journey of self-healing is never fun, but guess what? Now it is! Whether the cumbersome schedule is your culprit for defusing the spark from your life or it is just 'life' happening to you, give yourself a chance of rediscovery for all that’s hidden on the other side of the world by giving yourself a gift of travel. Literally live the mantra of ‘Eat, Pray and Love’. 

It is surely not going to be easy, but a little adventure can mend your wrecked soul in unbelievable ways. Check out these four destinations around the world where you can do some soul searching and get rejuvenated. Pack your favourite attire and make an itinerary only for you.  

Rediscover yourself in Ubud, Bali

If you are longing for absolute nothingness, pack your bags, and head to Ubud in Bali. There are plenty of places in Bali which are perfect for solitude and peace of mind but Ubud among them is the nucleus. Nestled along the Ayung River, Mandapa is truly connected to life and culture of the land. While going in the lap of wellness and luxury, you will be surprised to know how quickly your agony will vanish away. And while you have chosen to stay away from all the hustle, experiencing Ubud while staying at Mandapa can give you a new perspective of life. Isn’t that the best return gift?

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Inhale spirituality in Marrakesh, Morocco

In this beautiful Moroccan city, embrace the healing vibes and spiritual epiphanies. And even if you are looking out for some kind of exotic experience, you cannot have it better elsewhere than Marrakesh – roam around the narrow streets or surround yourself with a lush garden of Bahia Palace. Everything here is so intense and stimulus, from the vibrant yet soothing colours to the healing fragrance in the air, being at Marrakesh will inspire you to reflect back at your life in a very holistic way. And the most ideal thing to do would be to stay in a Riad, which is not a hotel or villa but a city of traditional Moroccan Palaces, each one depicting its own story. We would highly recommend  Dar Darma amongst all.

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Get lost in La Rioja, Spain

Never heard of it? It might be possible because La Rioja often gets missed from the bucket list of travellers. But for you who wants some repairing, nothing can be more charming than La Rioja in Spain. Rich in history and home to some the contemporary wineries, it’s the kind of place that surprises you. La Rioja will come to you unfolded in multiple layers, although on the outside it’s not as glittery as other cities of Spain, but once you begin to look deeper, you’ll realize how untouched and special it is. And especially when nowhere you could find a home for your misty heart, its beautifully preserved medieval villages at the lively foothills of the mountains will give you immense peace – imagine sitting silently on the hills and watching vineyards as far as your eyes can see. It’s complete blissful! Check out this crafty luxurious getaway in La Rioja.

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Walk off your agony at Bryce Canyon, Western United States

If agony and pain is something that you need a shelter away from; at the same time if you are up for a daring trip, head to the Bryce Canyon at Utah. A red-rock wonderland created by wind, water, and snow draws major attraction for hiking and rock climbing. Hiking in this scenic trail might be challenging but also relieving at the same time. And while you are trying to get away from all the stress and burden, Bryce Canyon can be the best place where you can dump it all and come back as a new you. P.S: You can also show your best photography skills when here. 

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

What are you waiting for? Make the passport your best-friend and step out into a world which is refreshing, relaxing, and comfortable in your solitude. 

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