Each of them has something unmistakably distinctive

In addition to its sublime beauty, South India has a range of precious cafés and eateries that further enhance your love for the place. Whether you live in any of these cities or are travelling there, you ought to visit these cafés for the innovativeness and calm refuge they offer. Yes, food stays centre stage in our curation!

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Ciclo Café, Chennai | Cycling is the new luxury – Ciclo Café puts the thought into perspective by creating a beautiful space where you can buy premium cycles and their accessories, get expert advice on riding, and indulge in the most delectable international cuisines at the same time. With branches in Hyderabad and Gurgaon, Ciclo is the country’s first-of-its-kind chain that promotes cycling as a lifestyle. Their wood oven pizzas and other dishes on the constantly innovated menu are worth cycling a little longer to work up a ravenous appetite.

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Baker Street, Pondicherry | When in Pondicherry, Baker Street is the second most important place to visit after the Auroville ashram. A quaint authentically French bakery café, it serves chicken burgers that melt in the mouth and chocolate eclairs that take you through a trip through heaven, among other drool-worthy things like quiches, croissants and cakes.  In all sincerity, we recommend you miss one meal before you head to Baker Street.

Photo credits: Bake Tales

Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad | This place lets you cherish the joy of eating with zero visual distractions – it’s pitch dark in here. The only thing you experience besides the appetizing aromas of spices and delectable flavours is light background music as soothing as the darkness all around. On the sombre side, it makes you empathize for a few moments with people who live their lives in complete darkness. The entire staff of Taste of Darkness is comprised of visually challenged people who’ll safely guide you to your table and back besides serving an unforgettable four-course meal.

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Café des Arts, Pondicherry | French architecture from the 19th century brimming with artistic eccentricity and tastes that will linger as a significant part of your Pondicherry memories – that’s Café des Arts. Goes without saying that you’ll get plenty of photos enough to feed Instagram for a few weeks. Do try the hibiscus flower syrup drink when you’re here.

Eateries and cafés with unique concepts serve more than just food and amusement – they take you in into their own little world and promise an experience that no other can match. So delve into these fantastic worlds – you never know what you’ll find.

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