Where nature merges seamlessly with luxury and aesthetics

The thought of living in a tree house evokes feelings of nostalgia, thrill and a peaceful bliss that only nature can offer. Mix it with the luxury of being ensconced in an immaculately designed cabin and heartfelt hospitality, and you get an irresistible holiday destination. These exquisite tree house hotels give you just that – and plenty of leisurely activities to send you home invigorated. Take a look.

Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

Photo credits: Pugdundee Safaris

A rugged exterior that camouflages with the jungle and spectacularly done interiors that bring together the aesthetic of eco living with contemporary design: the Tree House Hideaway offers everything one can demand of a nature retreat. To add to the excitement, they have an outdoor barbeque – imagine the theatrically primal atmosphere! And if flora and fauna interest you, a team of in-house naturalists conducts super-engaging session every evening for hotel guests. While here, you can actually spot some magnificent wildlife during your safari tours – and at times, even from your cabin window.

Vanya Tree House, Thekaddy

Photo credits: Vanya Tree House

Vanya Tree House offers an unforgettable experience through a stay in beautiful tree houses overlooking the hills, a divine culinary experience comprising authentic delicacies of Kerala and exhilarating nature walks through the vast forest area. As the day sets, the entire resort transforms into a rather romantic space with little ranthal lamps all around – and a mesmerizing campfire at dinner time. Post-dinner, they have a unique night trekking excursion that lets you admire the stars, the lit up urban landscape in the distance and sounds of the night from the jungle.

The Machan, Lonavala

Photo credits: The Machan

The beauty of this entire resort including the plush tree houses, dining areas and the lush green forest, is incomparable. Perched high up on majestic trees, the cabins offer indescribable tranquility and views – but do make the effort to step out of your nest, for, the property gives you the most therapeutic of ways to spend time in the outdoors – gazing stars, walking or cycling through a marked trail, private bonfires and bird watching to name a few. And their middle-of-the-woods spa is absolutely unmissable.

So go ahead and treat yourself to the surreal feeling of living literally in the lap of nature – and the arms of luxury!

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