No more confusion picking the destination for your next travel as your zodiac sign has the best one already planned

Hectic work patterns are exhausting and we bet there are those days when you just want to escape the town but unsure of the destination. No sweat, follow your stars! Each of us has a distinct traveller persona waiting to be explored and interestingly your zodiac sign can help you decide your next travel destination. A Gemini who is in love with nature or an Aries seeking an adventure trip, each zodiac sign has a suggestion to be unlocked. Get your passport and travel bucket list ready, it's time to travel with your star!

Aries- Tanzania

Aries is filled with adventure as it's one of the most active signs in the zodiac and deserve an exhilarating trip to Tanzania, an East African country combined with exotic wildlife, rich culture, and luxurious safari experience. Aries is known for their energized spirits and brave decisions, and we believe the fantastic climate of Tanzania with its adventurous-yet-peaceful experience will give them one heck of a good time. Explore the ancient cities of Tanzania and let your restless mind take a stress-free trip!

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Along with thrill and adventure, Aries are lured by luxury too. Keeping that in mind, we suggest  Highlands camp for an amazing stay.

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Taurus- Seychelles

Never likes to drift away from luxury and comfort, Taurus is always looking for a posh and chummy destination and Seychelles is definitely an ideal one! Fly straight to Seychelles' crystal-clear waters, peaceful beaches and dense alluring forests.

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This dreamy island is not only famous for its white-sand beaches or palm trees but also for the Crystal Esprit cruise that will make your voyage even more exciting and let you explore the turquoise waters with luxurious surroundings and facilities.

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Gemini- Antarctica

A Gemini is an unconditional travel enthusiast by nature and their zeal to explore will take them to the vast mysterious land of Antarctica. Escape the scorching heat of your birthday month and go out for Kayaking and camping around the mesmerizing snow-capped mountains that will give you all the bragging rights.

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One of the topmost luxury resort in Antarctica is the White Dessert resort, even arriving at this paradise is in itself a unique experience.

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Cancer- Udaipur, India

Cancerians are calm and peaceful souls, their zodiac takes them to Udaipur, an Indian city filled with a rich heritage, vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and royal tradition. These restful and quiet people will blend into the active vacation with plenty of forts to visit.

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Cancerians do have a thing for tranquil luxury and for a lush trip, Taj Lake Palace will do the best when it comes to exclusive accommodation and services.

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Leo- Bahia, Brazil

Leos are in love with places that are regal, vibrant and inspiring, Bahia in Brazil is an artistic and exciting place that will let them connect to their inner thoughts and expectations through its charming streets and strong African language. The divine trip to Bahia will introduce the fierce soul of a Leo to the enchanting cultural traditions accompanied by breath-taking beaches.

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Leos are eco-travelers and the Butterfly House in Bahia is the right place to stay with palm-lined swimming pool and delicious cuisine.

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Virgo- Paris

Virgo is a pure fashion enthusiast and luxury seeker which will lead them to the mega fashion capital of the world, Paris. The perfect luxurious vacation will satisfy the need for an aesthetic cultural experience with plenty of sightseeing that includes the majestic Eiffel Tower and a lot more.

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If you're a Virgo seeking a luxurious stay, Le Meurice will match all your expectations with grand rooms and fine dining.

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Libra- Corsica

Corsica, the mountainous Mediterranean island is the favorite spot for most tourists but talking about Libra, their zestful and their carefree characteristics will be fetched by the dense forest and coastal towns. Libra’s habit of exploring will match up with the hiking trails of craggy peaks.

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There is also an option to embrace your night by staying at La Dimora with enchanting views and a sky full of stars.

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Scorpio- St Lucia

Scorpions have a mysterious thing for water and lush forest at the same time when it comes to traveling and St Lucia, the Eastern Caribbean island is surely a heart-stealer for them. St Lucia offers jungle biking and swimming in Toraille waterfall which surely is an experience, a notch above.

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For a memorable stay, Boucan by Hotel Chocolat should be your primary option. The sophisticated getaway will slide into your favorites in no time.

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Sagittarius- Iceland

Sagittarius being the winter baby can never resist the cold-breezy weather, so how about celebrating your birthday in the gorgeous nights of Iceland enhanced by the wonderful dance of Aurora Borealis? Let your observant soul enjoy the Rauðasandur Beach and don't skip spending quality time with yourself in the Gullfoss, famous multi-section waterfall.

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If you're a Sagittarian who is a futuristic lover, Canopy Reykjavik won't disappoint your expectations at all, the hotel is a part of Hilton Worldwide brand. What are you waiting for? Chop-chop and get your bookings done!

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Capricorn- Bali

Can't deny the fact that Capricorns are practical, self-reliant and hard-working so when it comes to their travel plans Bali tops the bucket list. With tranquil seascapes and beautiful shades of sunrise, since it is home to ancient culture, Capricorns can immediately get in touch with its spiritual side.

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If you're hoping for an exotic location with beautiful sightseeing, The Mulia resort is your pathway to luxury and an ecstatic stay.

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Aquarius- New York City

Aquarians love meeting new people, getting acquainted with new lifestyle and with the most adaptable traits, their stars will lead them to the New York City. These easy-going and cheerful travellers will fall in love with the urban buzz of NYC. The city of the most stylish restaurants and dazzling skyscrapers will introduce you to some interesting personalities.

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When it comes to picking up a place to stay, Aquarians like to be exclusive, and in that case, Mandarin Oriental is the best option with stunning rooms and ultimate services.

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Pisces- Mirihi Island, Maldives

Being the water baby, Pisces deserves a vacation in the coastal areas. The ideal destination for those spontaneous travel planners is definitely Mirihi Island in the Maldives. With their tendency to go with the flow, the thrilling ocean diving will meet up with their expectations of an awesome vacation that every Piscean has.

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Mirihi Island resorts on the sparkling blue waters, overlooking the Indian Ocean will give major luxury goals to all your friends.

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